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“There’s a lot of finger-pointing happening in Albany today, but one thing there won’t be anytime soon as a result is new housing being built,” said New York Building Congress President & CEO Carlo A. Scissura, Esq. “And that is not only a shame, it is irresponsible amid the most dire housing crisis our state has faced in generations.


For months, the building industry has implored our elected leaders to act and give us the tools we need to build our way toward a more affordable and equitable housing system. Instead, weeks of haggling seem to have led to zero action. All New Yorkers get today is a statement saying that a proposed compromise won’t even be brought to the floor for a vote. You can’t enact legislation you don’t vote on or dismiss out of hand.


Negotiations are a two-way street, and our state needs its leaders to meet this crucial moment. We implore the governor and legislature to not shut the door on compromise and remain in Albany until New Yorkers get the relief they need and deserve.”


Published on

Aug 6, 2023 by New York Building Congress