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For Immediate Release: June 12, 2024


New York Building Congress Report Showcases $1.65T in Member Projects Across the Country


Building Congress surveyed membership on more than 30,000 recent and ongoing projects,
demonstrating the organization’s nationwide impact


NEW YORK (June 12, 2024) — The New York Building Congress released its annual “Building Congress Across America” report today, highlighting recently completed, in progress, and upcoming construction and development member projects in all 50 states.


The Building Congress, which represents over 500 organizations with more than 250,000 skilled professionals and tradespeople nationwide, surveyed its members to provide a representative snapshot of the billions of dollars of construction and development activity members are leading. The report identifies 82 member organizations that work on over 30,000 projects valued at $1.65 trillion.


“Our ‘Building Congress Across America’ report demonstrates the widespread impact that our members have on transforming our nation’s built environment,” said Carlo A. Scissura, Esq., President and CEO of the New York Building Congress. “We’re proud to be representing such influential organizations working on projects that will not only stimulate economic growth but also enhance housing and infrastructure, in turn creating thousands of jobs and improving millions of lives. We are excited to continue advocating for our members and anticipate another year of promise and progress.”


The report provides an overview of the Building Congress’ impact across multiple industries throughout the country, highlighting both geographic and project data from surveyed members.


Key insights from the report based on the Building Congress’ members include:


  • 68% of surveyed organizations are performing work outside of New York State, and over 43% work in the Northeast. The West has 24% of projects, the South has 22%, and the Midwest has 12%.
  • Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of April 2024, the total private industry payroll-based construction workforce nationally is 8.2 million, up 4% from 7.88 million last year, showing consistent year-over-year growth and far surpassing even pre-pandemic employment levels of 7.5 million.
  • The highest-value project is $20 billion named One Central, a mixed-use development in Illinois, with contributions from our members Gensler and Perkins Eastman Architects.

Published on

Jun 12, 2024