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LISTEN: Exclusive interview with head of new BQE expert panel



It’s an issue that will redefine our city’s transportation, real estate values, public health and a host of other factors. 

The planning process for the rehabilitation of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway has taken another turn. The city recently put together a panel of 16 experts to finally bring a measure of urban planning to what has been a chaotic, whiplash-inducing process.

In this week’s episode we’ll be speaking with the panel’s chairman Carlo Scissura, as well as our reporter Mary Frost to talk about a rousing town hall held last week that discussed the issue. Organizer Hilary Jagerfrom a Better Way NYC and Richard Zeigler from the Brooklyn Heights Association will also come on. 

Interview with Carlo Scissura at 1:30

Interview with Mary Frost at 5:18

Interview with Hilary Jager at 9:40

Interview with Richard Zeigler at 11:23


Listen to the interview at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

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Apr 11, 2019 by New York Building Congress